Forms a protective film to protect paint.

Rinses off with water!

Before you KREEM your tank, Protect the paint with Tank Mask!

No Special Equipment needed.

KREEM TANK MASK is a water-based masking liquid designed to be brushed onto painted motorcycle gas tanks and other painted surfaces where it dries to a non-tacky film that protects surfaces against KREEM’s Fuel Tank Liner and Tank Prep B. TANK MASK also traps dirt and dust under its protective film and is safe for all thoroughly cured painted surfaces.


1. Remove dust and dire from all surfaces to be protected. Make sure surface is dry.

2. Use a paint brush to apply TANK MASK to the entire surface to be protected and let dry 20-30 minutes. Use two or three coats for maximum protection. Note: Drying time is affected by temperature, humidity and air movement. Apply at 70 degrees F or above. Use of heat or forced air movement will speed dry time. TANK MASK must be dry before using Tank Prep A&B and Tank Liner.

3. Remove TANK MASK by peeling or wash with warm, soapy water and sponge or soft cloth.

Quantity Required:



CONTENTS: Water, Vinyl-Acetate-Vinyl Alcohol Polymer, Glycerin