An internal exhaust pipe coating that shields against pipe blueing on properly tuned engines – 16 fl. oz. (1 pint)

Blue Shield is an internal exhaust pipe sealant that is designed to prevent ‘pipe blueing’ on properly tuned motors. Since ‘pipe blueing’ is cause by excessive heat it may still occur if an engine is not in proper tune of if the carburetor is jetted too lean. Slight blueing or discoloration may occur on pipes with extremely sharp bends coming from heads.


NOTE: Read instructions thoroughly before applying Blue Shield. For use on new exhaust pipes only. Inside of pipes must be free from dirt and residue. Clean with alcohol or solvent.


Important: If coating a pipe with muffler, special care must be taken to ensure that Blue Shield does not enter muffler baffle.

Blue Shield is designed for use on new pipes only. Inside of pipes must be clean and free from oil. If dirt and oil are present, clean with alcohol or solvent. Do not use alcohol or solvent on pipes with fiberglass baffles.

1. Shake of stir coating cement well.

2. Cover one end of pipe with duct tape. (If coating pipes with muffler, cover muffler end first.)

3. Pour contents of bottle into open end of pipe. (If coating pipes with muffler, hold pipe at an adequate angle to ensure no Blue Shield enters the muffler baffle.)

4. Cover open end of pipe with duct tape and rotate until inside of pipe is evenly coated.

5. Remove tape and drain excess Blue Shield, collecting it for reuse. Hang pipe with filler end down for 1 hour. Air dry in warm, dry area of 6-12 hours, or oven dry at 150-175 degrees for 1 hour.

6. Apply a second coat following the same steps.

7. Remove any excess Blue Shield on outside of pipe by knocking off with a blunt object.

8. Wash hands and clothing thoroughly after applying Blue Shield.

9. Install tail pipe assembly.

NOTE: Generally discoloration of chrome tail pipes occurs in the first 1-2 feet of the pipe. A uniform, dual coating in this area will minimize the potential of chrome discoloration under normal vehicle operating conditions.

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CAUTIONS: May be irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Wear gloves to protect skin. May be harmful if inhaled or swallowed.

Wash all exposed skin areas gently with soap and warm water after handling or contacting product.

Wash work clothes separately from other clothing and rinse washing machine thoroughly after use or provide disposable clothing.

WARNING: Exposure to dried or fired material may post additional hazards.

Possible cancer hazard based on tests with laboratory animals.

Crystobalite (crystalline silica) formed at high temperatures (above 1800 degrees F) can cause sever respiratory disease.