Aftermarket New Tank Cleaner & All Purpose Degreaser

All Natural Ingredients – 16 fl. oz. (1 pint)

KREEM’s New Tank Cleaner is designed to remove the protective oil film that is present on most aftermarket, new M/C gas tanks. New tanks should be thoroughly degreased prior to using KREEM’s Tank Prep A & B fuel tank liner.


Pour contents into tank and shake tank for 5 minutes. Be sure that all internal surfaces of the tank have been rinsed with the new tank cleaner.

Drain New Tank Cleaner and rinse with water. The tank is now ready for KREEM’s Tank Prep A & B and KREEM sealer.

Quantity Required:


KREEM New Tank Cleaner is an excellent all-purpose degreaser that can be used for all types of cleaning.

Examples & Dilution Rates:

Light grease & general cleaning dilute 1:10 with water.

Sludge, tar, paint, overspray and equipment and machinery cleanup dilute 1:4 with water.

Asphalt removal and other tough substances use full strength.

NOTE: Not for use in vapor degreasing equipment. It is not necessary to heat KREEM New Tank Cleaner for effective cleaning/degreasing.